Optimal current setpoints for multi-phase drives
Optimal current setpoints are well studied in three-phase drives, but their extension to multiphase systems is more complex. The main complication is the satisfaction of limits on maximum current and voltage. The key challenge is to design current and voltage waveforms that respect the limits. This tutorial will show numerical solutions and compare them with previous strategies. The optimal current setpoints divide the operation profile of the drive into several regions, generalizing the maximum torque per amper and field-weakening regions of the three-phase drive. We will discuss the impact of the new solution on the drive properties and its practical implications. We provide examples of optimal solutions for asynchronous and synchronous machines.
About the speaker:
Vaclav Smidl received a master's degree in cybernetics from the University of West Bohemia, focusing on control theory. He pursued theoretical knowledge at the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic and doctoral studies at Trinity College Dublin. He is interested in applications of advanced control and optimization methods to challenging practical problems. He is currently a full professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering,  leading a group of industrial informatics at the research and innovation center of the University of West Bohemia. His research interests are application of optimization and machine learning methods to drive control and design of electromagnetic and mechanical components.
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