The Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) of the University of West Bohemia is a renowned research and education faculty. We carry out basic and extensive applied research, which has demonstrable and significant impacts on practice and contributes to our society's development in a national and international context.
→ The Faculty was established in 1949.
→ We educate future qualified professionals in electrical, computer, and material engineering, and related fields. We prepare them for careers in the national and international labour market.
→ We actively cooperate with more than 130 major industrial players in the field of research, development, and education worldwide.
→ We are committed to open and equal access to education and creative activities with the aim of eliminating cultural, social, and other barriers.
→ We work and participate in national and international projects. We are a significant partner of institutions of national and international importance, with whom we jointly conduct research with demonstrable impact on practice and other activities contributing to the sustainable development of society.
→ Research and development activities are covered by the R&D center RICE (more below).
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RICE - Research and Innovation Centre for Electrical Engineering is the Faculty of Electrical Engineering's research centre. It is our integral part and research brand for R&D. We provide a complete research chain from basic (theoretical) research to developing functional samples and prototypes and their complete testing. 
Our research infrastructure is distinguished by its uniqueness and sophistication, featuring a hall laboratory dedicated to high-voltage power electronics and transport technology. Additionally, our research teams have access to laboratories for power electronics, intelligent drives, and microelectronics, providing a comprehensive arsenal for undertaking demanding projects, including space research. 
In collaboration with key industrial and academic partners, we also offer to share our laboratories and infrastructure as part of joint research activities.  
RICE highlights 
→ More than 200 researchers.    
→ Over 120 projects and contract research contracts per year.  
→ Average annual turnover approx. EUR 9 million. 
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