Reliable Power Electronics Systems 
Power electronic interfaces are essential for regulating power flow between different voltage levels and frequencies. Several AC/DC and DC/DC converters have been developed to perform this flexible control functionality between various sources and loads. A deeper understanding of the reliability of such converter topologies is important because converter applications such as smart EV charging, wireless power transfer, grid ancillary services, battery energy management systems, e-mobility, and intermittent renewable energy sources (wind, PV) can stress the internal power electronic components in very different ways.  
Thereby, lifetime estimation considering mission profiles with adequate redundancy, modularity, and reconfigurability is relevant so that the designed power electronic components comply with the operation life requirements of the larger fault-tolerant system. 
About the speaker:
Aditya Shekhar has been an Assistant Professor in the field of Reliable Power Electronic Systems at Delft University of Technology since 2021 and developed the Power Electronics and Reliability Lab (The PEARL), where accelerated lifetime tests of power electronic modules can be performed. He completed his PhD in the topic of Reconfigurable DC Links from the same university in 2020. He has 15 Journals and more than 30 conference papers on several research topics such as reliable power electronics, capacity-enhanced medium voltage DC grids, smart charging of electric vehicles, modular multilevel converters, partial discharges in cables, series arc protection in DC micro-grids, wireless EV charging, and solar roads. He is involved in several national and international research consortiums such as PowerizeD, Sunrise, and Survivable DC Power Systems for Ships. 

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