Modern trends in traction drives - application of SiC semiconductors and multiphase PMSM motors to achieve optimal vehicle efficiency and effectiveness in operation 
ŠKODA ELECTRIC is a highly innovative company. For many years we have been working on the use of the latest developments in the field of power semiconductors and especially highly efficient traction motors IPMSM (Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor). In recent years, we have completed several unique projects that brought significant energy savings and a reduction in the weight of the car. An example is the direct drive system for the Suzhou subway with a passively cooled IPMSM traction motor and a SiC high voltage traction converter working with high frequency PWM. This system is already in standard operation for passengers in Suzhou. Another important project is a new traction drive for 12m and 18m electric buses, using a five-phase IPMSM traction motor and a SiC traction converter with high power density. To increase efficiency, these traction drives inject third harmonics into the traction motor. In addition, our rolling stock now includes battery traction systems that enable operation in sections without catenary. We are currently developing several traction drives for BEMU vehicles and freight electric locomotives. Especially for 3kV DC power systems, we have completed the development of a galvanically isolated SiC DC-DC traction converter that charges the traction battery from the overhead line and increases the intermediate circuit voltage to 3kV when running on the traction battery. This application uses high-voltage SiC semiconductors with an insulation voltage of 10.2 kV. Key features include high efficiency, compact design, and low weight. 
About the speaker:
​​​​​​​Ladislav is the Director of Development and Engineering and member of the Boar Directors of ŠKODA ELECTRIC a.s., part of the ŠKODA Group.  He joined Skoda in 1982 to develop and research electric locomotives, where he worked on traction drives for locomotives second generation of SKODA and the first prototype asynchron locomotive with direct drive. In 1996 he developed a new traction drive for the City Elephant double-decker unit (3 kV DC supply system) with new HV IGBT transistors and a double star asynchronous traction motor. He also worked extensively on the development of trams and metro trains. He has been in the management of ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION since 1994, and in the following years he served as Technical Director and member of the Supervisory Board of ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION. In 2003, he founded ŠKODA ELECTRIC and was a member of the Board of Directors in charge of the technical departments. At ŠKODA ELECTRIC, he has been involved in a number of foreign projects, such as a traction drive for locomotives for Turkey in cooperation with the Korean company Hyundai-Rotem and a direct drive with IPMSM traction motors and HV SiC traction inverters for a metro train for the Chinese city of Suzhou. Ladislav works very intensively with universities and is a member of three scientific councils. Since 2015 he has been working on SiC semiconductors and high efficiency traction drives. 
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