The Czech Republic is a country that offers not only a rich history and culture but also a variety of interesting trip options.
ENJOYPILSEN.CZ offers the following specific packages and programs for participants, which you can find in the attachment. Our offer includes:
1. Full-day trip - BEAUTIES OF PRAGUE (Tue 1st Oct 2024)
2. Full-day trip - LOKET AND KARLOVY VARY (Thu 3rd Oct 2024)
3. Half-day program - BOHEMIA SEKT SPARKLING WINE FACTORY (Wed 2nd Oct 2024) 
4a. Half-day program - PILSEN CITY TOUR (Tue 1st Oct 2024 - afternoon) 
4b. Half-day program - PILSEN CITY TOUR (Wed 2nd Oct 2024 - morning) 
4c. Half-day program - PILSEN CITY TOUR (Thu 3rd Oct 2024 - afternoon)
For more information, please visit the website below: 
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