Special Sessions are intended to attract contributions in emerging or specific topics, not reflected in regular tracks, within the conference's scope. Special Session proposal should contain the following information:
→   Session title
→   Session description (session scope, novelty, goals; 100–200 words): 
→   First (main organizer), other organizers (optional)
→   List of potential contributors (optional).

Further the following rules apply:
IEEE IES Rules for Special Sessions organization within the IEEE-PEMC Conference
1. IEEE IES Rules for Special Sessions organization within the IEEE-PEMC Conference 
2. The Special Session organizers are responsible for advertising and promoting the special session and the conference. 
3. Once a Special Session proposal is approved, its organizers must invite prospective authors and handle the review process. SS must consist of papers from at least three different institutions. Session organizers should accept at least 6 papers from two or more countries. 
4. The following requirements also apply to Special Sessions: An individual cannot be (co-)author of more than two papers submitted to the same Special Session. The authors of the SS have a special track with the name of their SS in the submission system. A maximum of three papers from the same affiliation are allowed. 
5. The organizers are responsible for managing the review process as well. Each paper should obtain at least two reviews. 
6. The IEEE will decide to accept – the PEMC 2024 Program Committee based on recommendations provided by Special Session organizers. 
7. If we achieve at least 6 accepted papers, the Special Session will be considered successful (and, as such, included in the program). If a Special Session achieves fewer than 6 accepted papers, it may be canceled, and the papers moved to regular technical tracks or other Special Sessions. 
8. The papers must meet the same standards as IEEE – PEMC 2024 papers and will be published in the conference proceedings, available on IEEE Xplore. 
9. Organizers of successful Special Sessions (as defined below) must register for and attend the conference and chair the corresponding sessions. 
10. One complimentary full registration will be provided for a successful Special Session chair.
The prospective Special Session organizers can download the proposal for the Special Session organization below. After completing the form, send the proposal to the Special Session chair, Tomas Glasberger (tglasber@fel.zcu.cz).
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